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Read more Woodland Outdoor Kindergartens are holding Spring Open Days at both their Southside and West End location on Saturday 28th April, all prospective parents and carers are welcome to come along!

Read more A full-day of inspiring speakers and workshops exploring and showcasing how young people in Scotland are taking action on climate change is being held at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on April 28th!

To receive the life of your dreams, it's vital that you understand how they are the most powerful channels for gratitude to start magically changing your life.

Science is now confirming the wisdom of the great sages of the past, with research studies showing that people who practice gratitude have closer relationships, are more connected to family and friends, and have other people look upon them favorably.

Imagine if you wore the only person on Earth; you would have no desire to do anything.

What would be the point in creating a painting if no one could see it?

There would be no reason to move from one place to another because wherever you went would be the same as where you wore - no one would be there. It's your contact and experiences with other people that give your life joy, meaning, and purpose.

Because of that, your relationships affect the life more than anything else.

You wont criticize, complain about, or blame them, because you're too busy being grateful for the good things about them.But probably the most astounding statistic that has come out of research studies is that for every one complain about another person, whether is thought or word, there have to be ten blessings for the relationship to flourish.Any less than ten blessings for every one complaint and the relationship will deteriorate, and, if the relationship is marriage, it will most likely end in divorce. As you increase your gratitude for any relationship, you will magically receive an abundance of happiness and good things in that relationship.What is every person close to you said, "I love you - just the way you are", how would you feel?Today's magical practice is being grateful for people just as they are!

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