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We have touched on the importance of light but there are other must-have accessories too.A comfortable, but stylish seating solution, either a chair or stool, is an essential contemporary furniture accessory.One final Dancing With the Stars results show, for all the marbles.With the guts, the glitter and the glory on the line, and with James Maslow ousted Monday, only Meryl Davis, Amy Purdy and Candace Cameron Bure remained.From the moment they were paired together, their chemistry was electric, and the duo rode it all the way to the Season 18 Mirror Ball title last month.Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis won Dancing With the Stars earlier this week, but the personal nature of the questions they've faced on their victory-lap press tour may make the partners wish they'd never taken home the Mirrored Ball.

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Choose an upholstered chair that complements the dressing table and sits within the bedroom's colour scheme too.

Reclaimed wood shelving is also available to store any extras that don't fit on the table itself.

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