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I started and finished my sea going period with shaw Saville and remember many an enjoyable time running between Europe and Australia & New Zealand(I now live in Oz since 1966) . N 2-stroke diesel the only problem recurring was scavenge fired and the occassional loss of the govenor.I worked on the Afric which carried general cargo but was designed for wool bales, unfortunatly it was designed for N. wool bales which were a different dimension than the Ozzie ones and inevitably we loaded wool bales in Oz. I could see a better way of being an engineer at sea and transfered to the refrigeration side where we also worked day work on the way out and reverted to 4 on 8 off on the return trip.I would like to catch up with some of my old mates who I sailed with but in this big world we seldom cross paths.

Looking after the electrical equipment on board, our maintenance tasks were split into two periods.Thank you for reminding me of the good times I had at sea (it is natural to forget the bad times of which there were a few). Hi, I too served as an electrician with Shaw Savill from 1967 to 1969 & completed 3 trips aboard the SS Athenic, luckily just missing the trouble in the Suez, when at least 1 Shaw Savill ship was stuck in the bitter lakes, I thoroughly enjoyed my short spell at sea & have since found out that the Athenic was scrapped in 1969, so I imagine by the dates I must have done the last trip carrying cargo, Trevor Magnus I joined the Athenic as ableseaman in Auckland to make up the deck crowd , we took her to the breakers via the states and Montreal in fact I was the last British seaman to steer her we berthed alongside the Blue Funnel ship Sarpedon which was undergoing demolition that was another great company that I was lucky enough to sail with .I joined Shaw Savill as a deck apprentice 1970 and my first trip was on the Megantic-Following that was the Zealandic, Suevic etc-also 6 months on the Crusader run.The electricians changed onto these rotas and worked alongside the engineers. We didn't get much sleep in the six hour break period.After a shower, grabbing a bite to eat and a couple of beers.

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