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Her rescuers were current Pro Ranger students under the watchful eye of Pro Ranger alumni, who are all currently rangers with the National Park Service.“Leadership camp is held each year not long before the students head out to their first summer internships at national parks all over the country.It’s an opportunity for them to interact with professional National Park Service (NPS) rangers and prepare for the internship and their career after graduation,” said Mc Garvey.“This year, the students worked on NPS search and rescue certifications and skill building, such as rock climbing, orienteering and creating search grids.Each park comes with its own set of experiences and challenges, but this is all practical information that law enforcement rangers must have.”The Pro Ranger program, a partnership between Temple University and the National Park Service to train law enforcement rangers, is offered through University College in cooperation with Temple’s Criminal Justice Training Programs.“We offer a great deal of hands-on training coupled with the two internships — by the time they graduate our students certainly know whether this is the right career choice for them.There is a true demand for law enforcement rangers throughout the country and our Pro Ranger graduates are very much in demand.”Since graduating, many of the Pro Ranger alumni have returned to support the program and act as mentors for current students.

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Since its inception, the Pro Ranger Philadelphia program has enjoyed a 100 percent job placement rate for students that have completed the program successfully.Many of the alumni work with the Pro Ranger instructors and administrators to make the program the best it can be based on our experiences in the field.The students have a very special opportunity being part of this program; we want to make sure they get the most out of it.”As a ranger at the Delaware Water Gap, where training took place this year, Charles Papacostas was right there with the new students during the ropes courses, circuit workouts and law enforcement skills training, “bonding in the dirt and the dust.” Papacostas, who majored in history, completed Pro Ranger training in 2013.“I think what we have to share really resonates with the students.Completing the Pro Ranger program in 2014 and with a newly minted degree in political science in hand, she began her career as a law enforcement ranger for Independence National Historical Park shortly after graduation.“We have alumni working in Alaska; there are students learning about the National Park Service in St. How many professions provide such a diversity of opportunities and experiences — the Pro Ranger program made that possible for us,” she said.“The reason I wanted to take part in Leadership Camp as an alumnus is the same reason I became a ranger — to help people.

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