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The Canadian pop princess is making the rounds of Manila's music scene.Canadian pop singer-songwriter who released the hit singles "Insatiable," "One Last Time," and "Lipstick." Insatiable rose to the number one spot on the Media Base Top 40 chart for 4 weeks straight in 2007.Emmalyn Estrada is a Canadian singer, dancer, songwriter, and actress. Emmalyn was born in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, to Filipino parents, from Marikina City, Philippines.

Her public debut was made by winning an international singing competition in Canada, landing her a 3-month spot on a hit musical TV series in Asia.There is nothing more rewarding than being a role model for my culture and showing aspiring artists that if you want something bad enough, you can achieve it, regardless of the odds stacked against you”, states Elise.With a strong work ethic and relentless determination, Elise Estrada has proven that great things happen to great people and dreams are achievable if you wake up and work for them.Elise recently co-wrote the Platinum mega-hit single “Perfectly Imperfect” for Sarah Geronimo with Adam H., and XOXO teammates, Jerry Wong, & Vic Levak which went on to become the #1 Most sold single of the entire year for 2015 in se Asia, #1 most played song at Radio for the year, #1 Music Video of the year, and the #1 most streamed song on Spotify for 2015 in se Asia.Elise also teamed up with Australian superstar, James Reid for the hit song “10”, which she also co-wrote with Producer, Adam H. Together with Sarah Geronimo, and the “Perfectly Imperfect” album & single, Elise and her team have won a whopping 18 awards in the past 12 months around the world, including SE ASIA’s Grammy equivalent.

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